Obama strikes clean energy deal with China

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Aside from promises of global cooperation, clean energy announcements emerged as the only tangible results from President Obama’s meeting with Chinese President Hu Jintao on Tuesday.  The meeting was a prelude to global negotiations on climate next month in Copenhagen.

“President Hu and I also made progress on the issue of climate change.  As the two largest consumers and producers of energy, there can be no solution to this challenge without the efforts of both China and the United States,” Obama said in a statement. “(W)e are creating a joint clean energy research center, and have achieved agreements on energy efficiency, renewable energy, cleaner uses of coal, electric vehicles, and shale gas.” (Shale gas is natural gas released from shale deposits through fracturing of deep rock.)

The seven point announcement also includes a $150 million joint research institute and the start-up of a cooperative program starting with 22 companies to develop clean energy production sites, such as wind, solar or geothermal power, which do not release atmosphere-heating greenhouse gases to the atmosphere.

U.S. and Chinese researchers last month revealed that China possess geological reservoirs sufficient to hold at least a century’s worth of carbon dioxide emissions from coal plants there. Both nations, which produce about 40% of the world’s emissions, rely largely on coal for electricity, spurring interest in “clean” coal. “There are growing global challenges, and countries in today’s world have become more and more interdependent.  In this context, it is necessary to step up international cooperation,” Jintao said.

“The progress they presented today is great, but doesn’t go far enough to aggressively develop commercial (clean energy) power,” says Scott Daniels of the Monitor Group, which last week released “A Roadmap for U.S.-China Collaboration on Carbon Capture and Sequestration” report with the Asia Society and the Center for American Progress. “China is further along than the U.S. in advancing many of these technologies.”

Source: http://blogs.usatoday.com/sciencefair/2009/11/obama-strikes-clean-energy-deal-with-china-1.html

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