U.S. Secretary Of Energy Supports Groundbreaking Energy Plant At SRS

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The Department of Energy’s biggest investment to try to create a new source of energy for the country, is now under construction.

Senator Lindsey Graham, (R) South Carolina: “We believe the Savannah River Site, Georgia, South Carolina can lead the country in this effort to become energy independent.“

Monday morning, a who’s who of the Department of Energy, the Savannah River Site and elected leaders showed up at the site to break ground on a biomass facility that will power much of SRS.

It’s out with the old, coal-burning plants, and in with a new wood and tire-burning facility to make clean, efficient energy.

Dr. Steven Chu, U.S. Secretary of Energy: “The economic opportunity for this state and for our country is enormous.“

The U.S. Secretary of Energy Dr. Steven Chu was on hand to break down the specifics on one of the largest biomass plants in the nation.

Sen. Graham: “We really have a lot in common…he’s a physicist…I’m not!“

According to the Department of Energy, Secretary Chu is paving the way to find new, green energy and rid the country’s dependence on foreign oil.

Secretary Chu: “This transition to a clean-energy economy is going to be inevitable. I see this as an incredible opportunity for the United States, and South Carolina to become leaders in this transition.“

It’s a $795 million contract over 20 years, and according to Secretary Chu, costs taxpayers nothing, in part due to a $35 million energy-cost savings per year.

Secretary Chu: “It’s going to create jobs; it’s going to save energy. What are the downsides?“

And when it comes to what soil it all starts on? The Palmetto State leaders are ready to dig in.

Sen. Graham: “I want it to be said about SC when it comes to energy independence in the green economy that we led the nation. That the innovation was better because it existed in South Carolina.“

Construction of the plant will employ 800 people over the next 30 months, and is scheduled to begin operations in December of 2011.

Video: http://www2.wjbf.com/jbf/news/state_regional/south_carolina/article/us_sec._of_energy_supports_groundbreaking_energy_plant_at_srs/41890/

Source: http://www2.wjbf.com/jbf/news/state_regional/south_carolina/article/us_sec._of_energy_supports_groundbreaking_energy_plant_at_srs/41890/


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