Renewable Energy Initiatives Save Wisconsin $319 Million In 2009

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Governor Jim Doyle has announced that Wisconsin residents, farms and businesses saved more than $319 million in energy costs in 2009 through energy efficiency and renewable energy initiatives with assistance from the Wisconsin’s Focus on Energy program.

This is compared to $239 million in 2008 For every dollar invested in the Focus on Energy program last year, residents, farms, and businesses in Wisconsin saved $2.20 in energy costs.

“These energy efficiency and renewable energy initiatives translate into real economic and environmental benefits for people and businesses in Wisconsin,” Governor Doyle said.  “We are working hard to make Wisconsin a national leader in clean energy initiatives and projects that will help create jobs and protect our environment for generations to come.”

Focus on Energy works with Wisconsin residents and businesses to install cost effective energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.  They provide information, resources and financial incentives help to help Wisconsin residents and businesses manage rising energy costs and protect the environment.

The $319 million in annual savings is equivalent to:

  • The amount of electricity consumed annually by approximately 220,041 average homes in Wisconsin.
  • The amount of natural gas consumed annually by more than 113,000 average Wisconsin homes.
  • Almost 5 billion pounds of carbon dioxide
  • The amount of electricity produced by burning 10,958 rail car loads of coal.
  • The same energy value as 6.2 million barrels of oil.

“Energy efficiency and renewable energy projects in Wisconsin are booming, and if we continue on our path and look forward 15 years we’ll see our benefit-to-cost ratio increase even more,” said Eric Callisto, chairperson of the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin. “Wisconsin’s energy efficiency gain will be more than six times the investment, which is significant considering concerns over increasing energy costs.”

Business Programs Make an Impact

Businesses have experienced growing pressure to become more environmentally friendly.  To date the program has helped businesses from all sectors reduce energy consumption by more than 1.4 billion kWh and more than 85 million therms, resulting in annual energy costs savings of more than $212 million.  Focus Programs has worked with Wisconsin businesses of all sizes and in all industries to install cost effective energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.  The program provides technical expertise, training and financial incentives to help implement innovative energy management projects.

                                 Consumers Benefit from Residential Programs

Focus on Energy helps residents make energy efficiency improvements at home.  Focus makes purchasing energy efficiency products easier by providing Cash-Back Rewards on items like qualified water heaters, heating and cooling systems and lighting.  The program also provides professional advice to residents wanting to build energy efficient homes or improve the efficiency of their existing homes. The residential improvements have amounted to more than $89 million in annual energy cost savings since 2001.

Renewable Energy Use Continues to Grow

Wisconsin residents and businesses continue to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels and lower their utility bills by using renewable energy technologies.  Focus on Energy has helped many residents and businesses harness energy from the sun, wind and organic materials to become more energy independent. 

More than $18 million dollars in annual energy cost savings have resulted from the program’s efforts.


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