About Evergreen Power

Evergreen Power Corp (“Evergreen”) is dedicated to sourcing, developing and operating clean, environmentally friendly, renewable energy projects in the United States. Evergreen is well positioned in an industry with increasing energy prices driven by ever increasing energy demands and a growing energy deficit.

Evergreen’s talented management team is uniquely experienced to develop these projects with the goal of becoming a leading supplier of renewable electricity in the United States. Increased government legislation such as Renewable Portfolio Standards, Carbon Credit Guidelines and Tax Incentives for Renewable Energy projects is paving the way for the Green Era.

Green Energy Trends in the United States:

In addition to the increasing energy demands and growing energy deficit, the emergence of the Green Era has being strengthened by several initiatives taken by the Obama administration. These initiatives include developing and implementing comprehensive energy production and carbon emission strategies for the United States that support renewable energy. One such initiative is the Waxman-Markey Energy Climate Bill also known as the American Clean Energy and Security Act (“ACES”), which was passed by the House on June 26th, 2009. A few highlights from the ACES include:

Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS): Also known as Renewable Electricity Standard (RES), which requires large utilities in each state to produce a minimum percentage of their electricity from renewable sources. Guidelines call for 20% to come from renewable sources by 2020.

Cap & Trade Program: Establishes a “Cap” on GHG emissions produced by companies in high-emitting industries and “Trade” guidelines by which these companies can purchase carbon credits from those companies that fall under the “Cap”. The market for carbon credits is growing exponentially worldwide and the ACES will bring the necessary structure to the US.

There have also been numerous acts that allow for tax incentives, cash grants, and various vehicles to facilitate inexpensive financing for renewable energy projects in the US. These significantly reduce the capital expenditure needed to build out renewable energy projects and increase the return on investment.

Evergreen is well positioned to take advantage of these emerging trends.  They are currently negotiating with several parties to partner on projects in various locations throughout the United States and globally. These projects include multiple Geothermal sites (including two operating sites) in Nevada, Biomass in the Czech Republic, Biofuel Plants throughout Canada and the US, various Hydro projects in New York, Montana, Washington, Oregon and Nevada, various Solar projects in the Czech Republic and California and multiple Wind projects in the United States and Canada. Evergreen also continues to advance their main Soule River Project in Alaska through the FERC licensing process.

In addition to a lucrative return on investment, Evergreen Power’s renewable energy  projects will bring a number of long and short-term benefits and opportunities, including:

  • A clean and green, environmentally friendly, long term renewable energy source;
  • Long term revenue for local communities;
  • The creation of temporary jobs, during planning, design, and construction;
  • Permanent jobs for plant management; and,
  • Local procurement of materials, equipment and services during project construction.

Visit us at www.evergreenpowercorp.com


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